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This grand capital of the ancient world was an idea, a vision that today can be touched and seen throughout modern day Rome appearance.

The eternal city has been one of the focal points of European civilization for more than two millennia and is the world's biggest open-aired museum. Although today you may be horrified at the traffic, pollution and overcrowding of this city, its history and culture still thrives. So while in Rome... sit back and enjoy the Roman lifestyle that defies all rules, schedules and norms of social conduct; take an hour long siesta, eat one of the many scrumptious varieties of pasta or sip a fine wine in one of the city's splendid squares.

Ancient Romans believed their city had been founded on 21 April 753 BC, and more recent archaeological discoveries pretty much back this up. According to myth, the city was founded by the twin sons of Mars, god of war, and Rhea Silvia, princess and vestal virgin. The twins, Romulus and Remus, were abandoned on the shores of the Tiber and brought up by a she-wolf. Romulus killed his brother in a battle over who should govern, and then established the city of Rome on the Palatino.

Much of the inner core of Rome is traffic free so walking is always a good option, and as usual the best way to really soak up the atmosphere. The Metropolitana (Subway) is the fastest means of transportation in Rome and a convenient way to visit the major attractions. It has two underground lines, A and B, both of which go through Termini. But try to avoid them in peak hours. The city bus company is ATAC, and most of the main buses terminate at the bus station outside Stazione Termini where you can get a map of the bus routes. Buses run from around 6am to 12am, with some services running throughout the night. Tickets are cheap and can also be used for the Metro.

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